About Me

As well as varied personal life experiences and challenges, I have worked and studied in many areas at high levels, having had a multi-disciplined academic and professional career.

I initially studied Biological Sciences at Nottingham Trent University and Manchester Metropolitan University for over five years, and carried out various laboratory based roles. One such role was that of Research Assistant in the Bio-Physical Chemistry Department of the former Patterson Institute for Cancer Research, Christies Hospital; now Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, a world renowned centre of clinical excellence in conjunction with The University of Manchester. This hospital based research role provided a wealth of scientific knowledge and understanding; balanced by an appreciation of the needs of patients and the direct impact of such knowledge and understanding.

Following this and whilst raising a family, I studied Business, Accountancy and Taxation, and have been a Certified Accountant since 1999. This has provided me with a wealth of experience of working with a variety of people from all walks of life and assisting them hands on, with real life situations.

As well as hypnosis, my personal interests and passion lies in meditation, self-empowerment and soul/self-awareness practices and techniques; in which I have completed countless workshops and courses for many years, and am now teaching. My vast experience in this area and also of personal development and assisting the growth of others enhances the therapeutic techniques I use. As too does my more recent study with the Open University towards BSc (HONS) Psychology, which I am finding informative and enlightening! Particularly as it theoretically supports the advanced hypnotherapy techniques which I have acquired from the ABC College of Hypnotherapy, which is validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Having studied and practiced a variety of disciplines to a high standard, it is from an informed position that I a’m able to talk about the uniqueness of the advanced hypnotherapy techniques that I practice. My scientific mind creates a desire to understand why these techniques are so successful; whilst my own personal experience of them enables me to state unreservedly that these techniques are subtle yet highly effective, and life changing!


It is important to state that no guarantees or claims for a cure can be made by any form of complimentary therapy or healing, as all healing is self-healing.